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Dift Club Studio (DCS) is your premier destination for branding design and art consultation services, headquartered in Bangalore. With a commitment to diverse design realms, DCS was established with the vision of delivering global-standard design from India to the world. Nestled at the heart of DCS is an unwavering passion for art, ensuring a meticulous eye for detail in every creative endeavor.


Discover our end-to-end services in branding, where we handle everything from naming to brand mark creation, strategic brand positioning, marketing materials, and even printing if needed. Taking it a step further, we specialize in designing corporate gifting experiences, ensuring a seamless and holistic approach to elevate your brand presence.

About Me.

charith t1.png

Principal designer, Founder 

Charith C Mutt

" I believe design is functional and has a great idea is the foundation for establishing strong, intriguing, and appealing brands. "

From the moment I entered this world, expectations of becoming an engineer surrounded me, a familial tradition I was poised to continue. Growing up, I envisioned a future as a computer science engineer, aligning with the well-trodden path of my family. However, destiny had different plans for me, unveiling an artistic inclination that flowed in my veins—a genetic gift from my mother's side, where realism and art were cherished, and where her entire family, including my grandfather, aunt, and uncle, were skilled realistic medium passionate painting artists.

A subtle yet compelling force always nudged me toward design, a realm I couldn't resist exploring. My artistic journey began with a grasp of traditional mediums, only to evolve into the intricate world of 3D imagery. It was during this period of self-discovery that I realized my true passion lay in the world of art.

Venturing into the professional sphere, I found myself contributing to renowned companies in India, including the illustrious Prana Studios in Mumbai. The pride and joy I feel stem from the incredible opportunities to contribute to global CGI projects. From Michaelbays Transformers to Marvels Thor, and from Pixar's Planes to Disney Tinkerbell, each project became a canvas for my creative expression.

My ontoproner journey commenced in 2016, and to this day, I continue to embrace the ever-evolving world of art with gratitude and enthusiasm.



Where Artists Forge
Legendary Brands!


Dift Club Group

The possibilities are endless. Beyond branding, explore the spectrum of excellence across our diverse divisions. Uncover quality services with us!"

Over Clients S 

"Dift Club Studio is an impeccable studio. And I say that from the heart. They are truly a rare find these days. They have been working with us for about a year and a half now, and we have never been disappointed with their work quality. We are incredibly happy with our new logo, branding, website design and all the support they provide not just during the project but also afterwards. We have turned to them on several. I recommend them for visual communication/branding.."

Vrushanka KM, Founder Compviz Tech

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